Sunday, 3 October 2010

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Producer/Distributer

The producer of this movie was Joel Silver and generally a producers job is to raise the fundings of a movie, hiring the actors, and arranging for distributors.
The executive producer of this movie handles the business and legal side of the movie.
The co-producer of the movie has atleast one managerial role of the movie but has less than the main producer.
The distributer of the movie is responsible for coordinating the finished movie to exhibitors, as well as the sale of videos and other media versions of the movie.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang opening sequence

Shot 1 - Image of film company and this instance it's presented by Warner Bros. Pictures..One of the biggest film companies in the world. The image is of a window with a shadowed building, however the lights in the window are on and its a cartoon. This gives us a sense of mystery

Shot 2 - The 2nd image of the opening sequence is the production company which is Silver Pictures for this movie. The image is now of a run down block of flats with palm trees in the horizon. I feel this image has been set to give us some background information about the type of place the main character has come from.

Shot 3 - The main character of the film. Robert Downey Jr. is a famous actor and the lead character hence why he is the first actor listed. This time the image is of a 'stickman' running away which could give us an insight that the movie involves some sort of chase.

Shot 4 - This is the title of the movie 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'. The colour of the background is mysterious as it isn't really associated with anything particular genre wise. The last 'G' of the title looks as if there's blood trailing from it to suggest somebody gets hurt.

Shot 5 - Now the credits of the 'other' actors are billed. We can conclude this person will have a supporting role on the movie as he isn't billed first but second instead. The image is of a shooting gun with 2 women in the back. This could suggest that this character is maybe trying to catch Robert Downey Jr. assuming he is running away from something.

Shot 6 - This film is based upon a novel. The image behind is as if somebody is watching giving it a secret mysterious view.

Shot 7 - This is showing who edited the movie. I chose this shot as it looks quite interesting with all the writing which is coincidently shown next to the editor. This could suggest there are mysteries in this film which need to be uncovered.

Shot 8 - This credits the Director of photography. The image is of 3 identical men holding a gun and some are fainter than the other suggesting one of them may be more important or shady than the other.

Shot 9 - This credits the Director. It's all in black as the film is just about to start and the director is always generally credited last and it would be easy for them to blend this shot into the real movie rather than a cartoon image of 3 men holding a gun.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

1. My desired genre for the image was horror/thriller. It's a shot of an old and rusty shed. The dullness of the photo helps to create a scary and sinister. also the bushes give it a cold look to add to the horror. The shot was taken from a high angle and the shed is fully visible. The picture is very dull and the old rusty painting adds effect. This picture was taken outside and therefore wasn't able to tweak with any lighting fluctuations. There are no windows in the shed which make it look as if someone has broken in.

2. For this shot I couldn't do much as the shed wasn't from my house and it was outdoors so any lighting tweaks were out of bounds. however I tried to include the bushes in the shot to give it a colder feel and added the roof in the image as it was raining and it was wet which made the shot more gloomy and dull. Although my image doesn't have a model or actor in it, I still feel I have achieved a shot which can be associated to the horror/thriller genre.

3. I feel that the darkness of what's inside the windows is successful as its pitch black and nothing is visible inside which gives us a sense of mystery. Also the old paint which is peeling away I feel gives a sinister feel about it as if its out of bounds and no one is brave enough to enter.

4. If I were to take the shot differently and again I would try and add a model or actor and take the shot indoors and not of a shed as this image is very limited. If there was an actor and it was indoors I can create shadows and tweak the lighting to make another image which recreated the genre of thriller/horror
A. I felt the editing of our framing is good as it was our first time using the programme to create a film and also considering we didn't leave our selves much hanging time after each shot. But I feel that our video has come out well and how we wanted it to turn out. Some of the shots quickly cut to the next scene making it look like obvious that it has been edited. However, I was impressed by the lack of continuity shown in our film as it all looks very realistic and there aren't any major goofs.

B. I feel that our editing is successful to an extent as our video flows well and looks believable however some shots do look obvious that they had been edited. Especially the scene cut from 0:10 - 0:11 it flows really well from the first scene to Bhavik's POV.

C. I feel that our shoot was efficient enough but we could've used our time a lot more wisely by spending more time on detailed planning as some of us forgot our lines and had to improvise. Overall I am very happy with our short film as even though it's all very quick, it still is interesting and entertaining we feel.

D. Looking back in hindsight I would definitely not waste so much valuable time because our shoot lasted a couple of minutes over schedule and the ending was rushed. However we feel that we have created a more than adequate short film and are happy with our editing on Final Cut as it was our first time.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

From 44 seconds onwards the music starts in the background. it can't really be described as its just a monotone getting louder and louder. this builds tension as it's so simple and yet effective. It gets us gripped as we know something is going to happen but we just don't know when. That is why the sound created is used as it is quite sinister. At 1 minute 44 the music is enhanced into something else as guns have been fired and somebody has escaped.

0-44 seconds
0:44 – 1:44
1:44 - 2:56
There is no music during this period; however there is some important dialogue which is building up the tension.
The music has now started in the background. We know something is about to happen, but the music is getting louder which keeps us gripped into the story. We know that Landa knows the truth and is pretending not to know. The other character who is lying for his family knows that Landa knows and is waiting for the drama to happen.
Landa’s Nazi soldiers come in and kill the family hiding under the floorboards. However one escapes through the back and is running across the field. The music has now changed and is very loud, with some sort of choir in the back to give it a triumphant feel about the escape.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

This is a good example of Nose Room as it looks as if the actor is turning his head away from the screen. This makes it uncomfortable for the viewer to watch.

This is a much better view of the actor as it looks like he is in a conversation replying with an expression rather than turning his head away from it in the picture above.

This is a good example of how to use lead room. The first image on the left is a bad example as it looks as if he is falling off the screen whereas the picture on the right is much more comfortable and his eyes are roughly in the third grid line up.

The rule of thirds. This is a good picture as it has followed the rule of thirds. this is then the characters eyes are located in the first horizontal line which gives us the viewer a more comfortable view.